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Cracksealing a parking lotSuperior Sealcoats crack sealing (most commonly referred as crack filling) is a necessary defense to preserving sound asphalt surfaces. If left unsealed, open cracks will begin to compromise your pavement surface and eventually lead to more costly repairs.

Cracksealing is an inexpensive and routine maintenance treatment that will help delay roadway and parking lot deterioration by preventing water and moisture intrusion into the sub-base. This is a major cause of pavement failure. This process is accelerated by the freeze and thaw cycle of the New England winters, therefore making it important to invest in cracksealing in Massachusetts. 

Superior Sealcoat specializes in all types of asphalt cracksealing in Massachusetts.. We can seal pre-engineered cracks: saw & seals, rout & seals, and routine crack sealing repairs to random cracks with the use of both hot rubberized sealants and all hot asphaltic cements: (AC 20, PG 64-28, PG 64-22, MG 10-30, and Extendo Pave) for parking lots, roadways, highways, airports and various state and government agencies throughout all six New England states.

What is crack sealer?

Crack sealer is an elastomeric material designed to seal joints and cracks in bituminous concrete surfaces against moisture infiltration into the sub-base. It is essential that the sealant be applied properly to sound pavement. The crack is first cleaned using a high- pressure air lance. The sealant is then heated and applied using a pressure applicator. The sealant forms a strong bond to the asphalt, sealing the crack from future infiltration. Superior Sealcoat purchases all sealants manufactured from the finest sources and applied with the most modern equipment available in the industry.

Benefits of crack sealing:

Cracks in parking lots, roadways and runways are not uncommon. Unfortunately, neither is the eminent deterioration of the surface if those cracks are left unsealed. Unsealed cracks allow water to enter and deteriorate the base and eventually the surface, usually resulting in an effect known as “alligatoring.” This will eventually result in potholes and the general demise of the pavement.

Not all cracks are created equal. If the asphalt surface has reached a severally deteriorated stage such as “alligatoring” crack sealing will not resolve this issue. This is characterized as numerous cracks forming a block pattern resembling the skin of an alligator. These areas should be cut square, removed and replaced.

By partnering with Superior Sealcoat & Superior Paving we can provide these surface repairs to help enhance and prolong your pavement. Call today for a free estimate on cracksealing in Boston, MA. 978-988-5555.

Cracksealing the side of a major Boston Highway.

The cracksealing process up close.

Cracksealing in Wilmington, MA.
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