Experienced Sealcoating, Paving, and Cracksealing specialists in Massachusetts


For twenty years, Superior Paving, a division of Superior Sealcoat, Inc. has been one of the leading asphalt paving and maintenance companies in Massachusetts providing the most comprehensive asphalt paving.

Superior Paving provides a full line of paving services in Boston, MA. whether your project is a minor repair or a major rehabilitation or new construction. Installing new asphalt or repairing damaged or old asphalt is what we do most. Our services including: parking lots, full depth reclamation, roadways, driveways, walkways, patching and curbing.

Superior Paving of Wilmington, MA maintains parking lots for management companies, major office complexes, educational institutes, hospitals, hotels, gas stations, retail chains and many public agencies.

At Superior Paving, we believe no one does it better. Call us first, 978-988-5555 to get an honest evaluation, have the job done right, on time, with minimal interruption the first time!

Paving Trucks Paving a neighborhood street


One of our many paving trucks.

Our team in the process of paving a road in Massachusetts.

A road being paved in Boston, MA.
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